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Resume & Cover Letter

Informational Interview

Resume Writing 

During your job search, you will likely need to create a resume in addition to completing your (likely) online application.

The goal of your resume is to get an interview – it is the employer’s first introduction to you as a candidate.

Most resumes we see have education and prior employment listed in chronological order.

However, as a reentering citizen it will probably make more sense to create a functional resume, to make the most of your skills while downplaying any gaps in your employment. 

Remember, your resume’s job is to get you the interview, so make the best impression and really show off your skills here, and do not forget to include any skills you acquired in custody.  

Click the box below to see a copy of the "Employment Information Handbook," for more information.

Click the boxes below to see examples of resumes and cover letters.

One example, is for clients who do not have any job experience.

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